The Twitter cries echo louder than an Ole Miss Rebels pregame.
Waffle House
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Oxford, Mississippi has Rowan Oak, Ole Miss, Lamar Park. It does not, however, have a Waffle House.

For many, this egregious absence is worth fighting for, just like being down three touchdowns in the final quarter against Mississippi State. As a recently resurfaced debate on Twitter revealed, Oxford residents have long been waiting for their town to be graced by Waffle House.

Per the Clarion Ledger's original report, "An opinion article in the Daily Mississippian written by Jacob Gambrell in 2018 was retweeted on the DM's Twitter account Monday." As a result of the Tweet below, a heated conversation sparked regarding bringing Waffle House to Oxford, including commentary from the town's Mayor Robyn Tannehill, and Ole Miss professor of law David W. Case.

Local musicians Newt Rayburn and The Cooters even penned a ballad to express their desire to smother and cover themselves at an Oxford Waffle House outpost.

We most certainly hope some Waffle House execs caught this Twitter thread and are ready to bring hash browns to the Ole Miss masses.

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Let's be kind to our hungry friends in Oxford, y'all.