The Golden Girls
Credit: Alice S. Hall/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are comedic legends, but for a growing number of retirees, they are also role models.

According to AARP, it's a growing trend among female retirees to take a page from The Golden Girls and spend their golden years with roommates. The change comes as older women are living longer, but with less money in their retirement accounts. To make ends meet, they turn to roommates to bring in a little extra income.

AARP has been monitoring the trend for a few years, but the rise of websites like Airbnb has made finding roommates—temporary ones at least—much easier and many women are taking advantage of it. CNBC reports that the 60 and older crowd is the fastest-growing demographic on Airbnb with the number of hosts more than doubling in the last year. About 64 percent of those new hosts are women who are eager for a little extra revenue. Silvernest, a roommate-matching website that helps homeowners age 55 and up find tenants, says 70 percent of the people using their service are women.

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While The Golden Girls made sharing your home look like a lot of fun, the truth is that for a variety of reasons, women retire with 2/3 less in retirement savings than men, CNBC reports. That financial reality paired with women's longer life expectancies translates into many older women needing to come up with new ways to earn money without returning to the traditional workplace.

Roommates are one easy way that homeowners can earn some extra income. If they're lucky, they might find someone to not only split the rent, but also share a cheesecake in the kitchen as they swap stories.