You had a good run, Maud.

The Mauds, Myrtles, and Blanches of America are more precious than you might think. According to a recent survey of data compiled by the Social Security Administration, they're three of the 25 vintage names on the edge of extinction in our country.

To determine the baby names in danger of going extinct, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the 100 most popular boy and girl names each year between 1880 and 2018 and took the average ranking of each name every time it appeared on the list. The names that had the lowest appearances on between those years are those they determined to be going extinct. Surprisingly, all but four of the names are female.

Scroll down for a list of the baby names nearing extinction in America, listed from smallest to largest drop in popularity.

25. Delores

24. Bob (male)

23. Bert (male)

22. Gail (female)

21. Maude (female)

20. Patsy (female)

19. Traci (female)

18. Margie (female)

17. Sue (female)

16. Beulah (female)

15. Vicki (female)

14. Kim (male)

13. Sherri (female)

12. Nettie (female)

11. Garfield (male)

10. Bessie (female)

9. Terry (female)

8. Ed (male)

7. Vickie (female)

6. Carole (female)

5. Velma (female)

4. Blanche (female)

3. Myrtle (female)

2. Maud (female)

1. Willie (female)