Thanks to his quick actions, this fawn has a second chance at life.
Oklahoma Game Warden Deer
Credit: Facebook/Oklahoma Game Wardens

Some quick thinking on the part of Oklahoma Game Warden Ryan Walker helped turn a tragic tale of a mama doe around over the weekend.

After receiving a call that a doe and her newborn fawn had been struck by a car while attempting to cross a road late Saturday night, Walker rushed to the scene of the accident off State Highway 123.

Oklahoma Game Warden
Credit: Facebook/Oklahoma Game Wardens

"When Warden Walker arrived on scene the fawn was also deceased," a post on the organization's Facebook page reads. But the mama deer didn't just have one baby. "Noticing movement in the doe's stomach, Warden Walker took quick action performing a cesarean section on the doe to attempt to save the other fawn trapped inside."

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"Within seconds the newborn fawn was out and breathing on its own," the incredible post continues. "The fawn was taken to a local rehabilitator in Osage Co. Thanks to the Game Warden, this fawn has a second chance at life."

The post (below) also includes sweet photos of the rescued newborn fawn.

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