So far, they've saved hundreds of cattle, horses, donkeys, and even a cat.

These Oklahoma cowboys weren't about to sit back and watch unprecedented flooding ravage their beloved state, and threaten the livestock and livelihoods of their peers.

Fox News caught up with a group of four longtime friends who joined forces to save as many animals as possible from the historic floodwaters.

"When we realized how bad this flooding was getting, and knowing many people didn't have the means to get the help they needed to get animals out, we made a Facebook post and offered to help free of charge," Cory Conley, 31, from Catoosa, told Fox. "This is the heartbeat of America. We weren't going to sit back and do nothing."

And help they did. So far, they've completed more than 15 emergency missions to get animals to higher ground and out of danger. They've pulled horses out of belly-deep water, lassoed and relocated hundreds of cows and sheep, and rescued a cat from a pole surrounded by rising waters.

Casey Thomas, 29, from Coweta, told Fox they have saved more than 350 cattle, seven horses, four donkeys in addition to that one lucky cat.

"I had never roped a cow off the front of a boat until this week," Hunter Webster, 24, from Claremore, quipped.

But for every life they've saved, the cowboys are haunted by the knowledge that countless others have been lost to the flood.

"Thousands of cattle lost," Shane Olson, 33, from Verdigris, told Fox. "For some, it's millions of dollars and it is all they have."

With more rain on the way, the foursome has no plans of stopping any time soon. "We will continue until this is all over," Conley said. "It's a fine line whether these animals live or die, and we all would feel too guilty if we didn't at least try."