Lindeza and her blue eye have been standing out for 34 years.

Ocracoke Island Wild Horses
Credit: Raymond Gehman/Getty Images

On a coastline dotted with legendary wild horses, Lindeza, the matriarch of the Banker Pony herd on Ocracoke Island, stands out.

Lindeza, whose name means "prettiness" in Spanish, has survived to the age of 34, which is equivalent to nearly 100 in human years. But according to The National Park Service, that's not the only thing that's special about this pony.

Last week, Cape Hatteras National Seashore shared a photo of Lindeza's blue eye on Facebook. Her other eye, it's important to note, is brown.

Heterochromia (when the irises are differently colors) is rare in horses. But there's one other horse on Ocracoke with a single blue eye: Luna, Lindeza's granddaughter.

"Lindeza spends her days with the main herd which includes Maya, Lawton Howard, and Luna her granddaughter who also wears the colors of the earth and sky in her eyes," Cape Hatteras National Seashore wrote alongside the photo of Lindeza's blue eye.

The Banker Ponies on Ocracoke Island aren't the only herd of wild horses on the Outer Banks. But The State notes that managers of neither the Corolla nor the Shackleford Banks herds have reported horses with the same condition.

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The Facebook post concludes with an invitation to come visit Lindeza and her family. "Come witness for yourself, these amazing ponies that can be located on Hwy 12, about eight miles north of the Ocracoke village."

Just remember to give these wild animals plenty of space (at least 50 feet) and never touch or feed them.