Or, you know, every dinner this month.

Costco Exterior
Credit: Steve Proehl/Getty Images

We interrupt this season's regularly scheduled Halloween candy cravings to bring you ravioli-lust.

Yes, this October, we're excited to pick up a 32-ounce package of Nuovo Pasta's Pumpkin and Bats Ravioli, now available at Costco for $8.79 for about 10 servings, per the popular Instagram account, @CostcoBuys. The Halloween-inspired ravioli are filled with a mix of ricotta, Parmesan, mozzarella, and aged Asiago cheese, making them a real winner at the dinner table. According to food site Delish, the ravioli may not be available in all stores, so ask at your local store or call ahead to see if they offer them.

To accompany the orange pumpkin-shaped and black bat-shaped ravioli, consider serving the meal with one of these fresh and easy harvest salads or fall soup recipes.

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What will you be cooking up this All Hallows' Eve? Bon Appé-treat to all the guys, gals, ghouls, and goblins out there. We'll see you in the kitchen.