Feed the hungry and break a world record with a single smooch.
Mistletoe Kiss
Credit: RyanJLane/Getty Images

A group of Dallas-area good Samaritans are counting on their neighbors getting swept up in some good old-fashioned Christmas romance this holiday season.

The foursome, who calls themselves "The Mistlecrew," are plotting to feed the hungry, and hopefully break a world record while they're at it.

NBCDFW reports that Quinn Graves, Trevor Godkin, Stella Wrubel and Isabella Dickason have spent Christmas moonlighting as do-gooding elves for the past seven years. Each December they team up to man their Jingle Bell Mistletoe stand, selling sprigs of mistletoe and donating the proceeds to the North Texas Food Bank. Last year they raised a whopping $60,000.

"We've now fed half a million people, which is more meals than all four of us have had combined in our whole lives," Dickason told the station.

This year, hoping to outdo the success of last season, the foursome has hatched a plan to kiss hunger goodbye… literally.

"This Sunday at Klyde Warren Park, we are going to try to break a Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously kissing under the mistletoe," Graves told NBCDFW.

The appropriately named "Kiss Hunger Goodbye" event will require pairs of adults (aged 18 and over) to lock lips for 5 seconds beneath a 6-inch piece of mistletoe provided by the organization.

"It doesn't have to be a romantic relationship," graves explained. "Just two people."

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Every cent of the $25 per-couple entry fee will be donated to North Texas Food Bank. This year, the Mistlecrew hopes to raise $70,000. (Every $1 donated equals three meals.)

The philanthropic smooching begins at 1pm on Sunday, December 2nd. Purchase tickets and find out more here.