A true miracle by all accounts.
dog survives tornado
Twelve year old Duke has a few battle wounds but survived a tornado.
| Credit: WGHP Fox 8

For most dogs, living to the age of 12 is miracle enough, but one North Carolina dog seems to have a higher power on his side.

When a tornado swept through Davie County two weeks ago, a 12-year-old Australian Shepard named Duke and his owner Lewis Vannoy found themselves directly in its path. Although Vannoy was able to take shelter in his basement, his four-legged friend didn't make it in time. From a window he watched in horror as his dog and the tornado went head to head, and his faithful canine was thrown 1,000 feet. Yet somehow, Duke survived.

"Picked up in the mass of the swirling wind, picked up and tossed just like a ragdoll," Vannoy recalled to WGHP Fox 8. "When I got to him, he was across the road in the pasture. He could hardly walk. He was in severe pain. He was lethargic and crying."

Vanoy told the station that Duke's right leg was broken in multiple places and his retina was damaged. But after multiple surgeries and two weeks at the vet, Duke is back finally home. He is expected to make a full and complete recovery.

Unfortunately, Vanoy's home didn't fair so well. He estimates it will take him about two years to clean up his property and build a new house. But, he says he's just happy he and Duke are alive. "It makes you hold on to your children and your grandchildren a little longer," he said