The life of a squirrel is looking pretty good.

Squirrel with Ice Cream
Credit: julos/Getty Images

There are few guarantees in life, but one thing we can promise you is that you will not read a cuter story than this one today.

A tiny and undeniably adorable tradition has started over at the Fantasy Isle Ice Cream & Mini Golf in Holden Beach, North Carolina. Each day a little squirrel stops by the shop for a tiny scoop of ice cream on a tiny cone that it holds in its tiny little hands. The squirrel first showed up last summer, according to The News & Observer, and ever since has made itself a regular at Fantasy Isle taking up residence in a tree above the shop.

The squirrel, who has been given the name Putter by the shop owners, apparently developed a taste for ice cream after nibbling on cones that had been discarded or dropped. Putter soon became a fixture at the mini-golf course and owner Scott Martin makes the squirrel a tiny ice cream from the bottom of a sugar cone with a dollop of vanilla or no-sugar ice cream on top.

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Watching Putter down the cone is the cutest thing this side of a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito. That said, wildlife experts do not recommend feeding squirrels or other wild animals as it can do them harm, lead to malnutrition, and make it more difficult for them to fend for themselves. Plus, eating ice cream every day isn't healthy for humans or squirrels. In Putter's case, though, it's probably too late to stop. "She's already got the habit," Martin, told The News & Observer. "We are trying to control it, instead of her getting way too much food."