Slip and slides are just so hard to resist on a hot day!
north carolina police officers slip and slide
Police officers in North Carolina answered a noise complaint call but all they found were kids at play so they joined in too!
| Credit: Katlen Joyce Smith

When the cops showed up to one neighborhood's annual block party in Asheville, North Carolina over the weekend, nobody knew what to expect. Two police officers, Carrie Lee and Joe Jones, were reportedly responding to a complaint that the DIY water slide one of the dads built for the kids was blocking the road. As it turns out, the only thing the party-goers were guilty of was having too much fun.

"When the police came, they quickly realized that wasn't the case and asked if they could take a turn," resident Katlen Joyce Smith told CNN.

Smith spoke with Southern Living as well and told us, "When the female officer asked for a garbage bag, we almost didn't believe it. But she took off her radio and went for it! We didn't have a bag big enough for Officer Joe Jones, for obvious reasons. So he went in the double tube! (which had been used all morning by the kids) so he got wet in his seat."

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Videos posted by neighborhood adults show the down-to-earth cops joining in the community fun. Lee took her turn down the giant slide in a trash bag, while Jones joined a little boy on an inflatable raft for his run. "My butt is wet," Jones exclaims as he reaches the end of the slide.

"When it's hot...and you're responding to a street complaint...and there's a fun way to cool take advantage of a giant slip and slide," Asheville Police Department wrote on Facebook alongside two videos of the officers cruising down the makeshift slide.

The officers discussed the now-viral event in a video posted by the police department on Twitter. "I thought I was going to be able to get out of it, because I'm too big to fit in a trash bag," Jones told the camera. "But then when the kids pulled out this big raft ... I had no choice."

No such luck, Mr. Jones! Now you're even more of a hero.