"Tori has inspired everyone she knows, which includes the Lady Devils."
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

Two North Carolina softball players were honored at Brevard High School's Senior Night game on Tuesday, but only one of them attends Brevard High.

Brevard center fielder Lauren DuBreuil was the lone senior set to be honored that night, so everyone assumed the scheduled match against North Henderson would commence shortly after she collected her award. The Lady Devils, it turns out, had other plans.

"Lady Devils would like to recognize another senior who embodies the true spirit of a hero," the announcer said, as a confused North Henderson right fielder, Tori Renfroe, was ushered onto the pitcher's mound by her teammates.

Renfroe has Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, a rare disease that causes tumors and often leads to cancer. Her dad died from it, and she has already lost sight in one of her eyes, WLOS News reports.

"Throughout this battle, Tori has inspired everyone she knows, which includes the Lady Devils," the announcer continued.

Crying, Renfroe told WLOS News that she found the gesture touching. "I find a lot of support, apparently not only in my school, but just the community as a whole, so, it's been really great," she added.

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Next year Renfroe is headed to Western Carolina University's Honors College, where she plans to major in business and law. She says her goal is to be an attorney.

"Her story is very inspirational, DuBreuil told WLOS News. "I had no idea last time we played them that she was on the team. It's just amazing how far that she's pushed herself even with this illness."