What a lesson in love!
nine couples renew wedding vows senior home
These couples teach a lesson in love
| Credit: Carolina SeniorCare

Last weekend romance was in the air at Carolina SeniorCare in Lexington, North Carolina. With the help of the community, who donated everything from hair and makeup services to a three-tier cake, nine couples (all residents) renewed their wedding vows. For many of the couples who didn't have a celebration the first time around, this day was a long time coming.

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"It was wonderful seeing my wife walk down the aisle. She was beautiful," Raymond Clifton told ABC News of his wife, Brenda. "She cried coming down that aisle."

Linda Owen, who's been married to her husband Sam for 56 years, said she didn't have a wedding dress when they first got married. "This time I had the white wedding dress and the veil and it was very nice," she told ABC News.The nine couples have a combined 254 years of marriage between them.

"Sitting down and speaking with them, most of them weren't able to afford a real wedding, and we were thinking June is the month for weddings, so why not provide a wedding service for them that they weren't allowed to have when they were young?" Misty Polston-York, director of spiritual life for Carolina SeniorCare, told ABC News of the inspiration behind the big day.

"It's really amazing in this time when marriages are fleeting," she added. "These people have stuck it out over their lifetime." Congratulations to all the couples! What an inspiration.