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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
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We love Nicole Kidman. We love Keith Urban. But we really, really love this couple together. Like sweet tea with a porch or a record player with a Willie Nelson vinyl spinning, some things just pair together like a bee to honey.

Of late, Nicole Kidman has been making the media rounds in support of her upcoming HBO series with co-star Hugh Grant, The Undoing. And earlier this week, as she appeared for a virtual check-in alongside Grant on Extra, her prankster hubby Urban decided it would be the perfect moment to unexpectedly drop in for an unplanned appearance.

As Grant discusses how his wife Anna Eberstein can't get enough of the his new HBO series, Kidman chimes in at the 1:35 mark, "so does my husband, he kept wanting to watch more and more." Extra host Renee Bargh then notes, "I feel like Keith is your biggest fan, is there an ever a moment where...I feel like there's nothing you've done [that he doesn't like]."

"Oh, no, no," Kidman replies. "He'll say if he doesn't like it. He doesn't mince words," Kidman jokes. Then—at the 1:51 mark—Urban himself pops up behind Kidman and hams it up for the camera. "He's like, 'you gotta wrap it up soon baby, it's late here!'" Kidman concludes, not showing a hint of tiredness despite the presumably wee hours of the morning it was in Australia, where Kidman and Urban are currently located with their two daughters. Watch the full television clip below.

In addition to making cameos on his wife's television appearances for a good mood boost, it appears that Urban is also partial to another manner of raising his spirits, in this case when he's stressed: Hiding out in the closet. Yes, believe it or not, when Urban needs a break from it all, Kidman recently dished that he goes into the closet with his guitar.

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We're looking forward to watching The Undoing when it premieres this Sunday, October 25 on HBO. Hey, Mr. Urban, any chance you can make a surprise appearance there, too?