"I really wanted the role that Julia Roberts played in Notting Hill.
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While we've all been spending plenty of time at home, we've turned to the comfort of our favorite films. We've been re-watching beloved titles including these superb Southern movies with one-liners and these classic feel-good fall movies.

Oh, and have we had Nicole Kidman movie marathons. Far and Away. Eyes Wide Shut. The Stepford Wives. Moulin Rouge!. Practical Magic. The Portrait of a Lady. Our list goes on and on. And if Nicole Kidman would have had her way, we'd be adding Notting Hill, to that list as well.

In a recent conversation with Hugh Grant published on MarieClaire.com in promotion of their new HBO series The Undoing, Kidman shared some candid revelations on how she yearned to play Julia Roberts' starring role of Anna Scott alongside Hugh Grant as William Thacker in the famed 1999 rom-com sensation.

 "I really wanted the role that Julia Roberts played in Notting Hill," Kidman admitted in the interview. "Yeah, I did. But I wasn't well known enough, and I wasn't talented enough..."she trails off. Considering that Kidman now has a pickup truck worth of awards in her possession, it's certainly surprising to hear her say she doesn't think she had the acting chops.

We wonder what her uber-supportive husband Keith Urban would have to say in response to Kidman's critical remarks of herself. We have a feeling he would disagree faster than you can say "The Speed of Now."

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Admittedly, as much as we love Kidman, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Roberts starring in Notting Hill, along with Hugh Grant, of course. But, a remake starring Kidman and Urban in the leading roles would be quite the treat.