A spooktacular idea if we say so ourselves!

By Meghan Overdeep
October 24, 2017

At St. Joseph's Women's Hospital in Tampa, even the newborns get something sweet for Halloween.

Year round, each baby born here is gifted with a knitted hat made by a group of devoted nurses and community members. The hats, which are part of a tradition started by Paula MacDonald, a former nurse who passed away at age 55, are seasonal- and holiday-themed. Not surprisingly, the nurses who participate in Paula's Project go all out for Halloween, knitting all kinds of spooky hats.

"There are pumpkins, there's a candy corn — we have a ghost, a Frankenstein, acorns and a little bat," nurse Becky Allen told Today. "They're adorable and we love doing it for our patients and they love it, too."

The Labor and Delivery department delivers 20 to 30 babies a day, and each family leaves with a new hat. "Sometimes they cry — we sometimes make a hat especially for patients based on what they like," another nurse, Pam Eaton, told Today. "It's that sentimental value of having something homemade that they can have for their baby to look back on."

How sweet is that?