"Now it's our turn to help them."

By Michelle Darrisaw
August 29, 2017
Dirty Coast/Fleurty Girl

After the devastation and destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina in September 2005, the city of Houston openly embraced its dislodged neighbors.

Many New Orleans-based business owners and artisans also came to the aid of Hurricane Katrina victims. By putting their creative talents to charitable use, they were able to raise thousands of dollars from custom-designed clothing to go towards Hurricane Katrina relief. Today, on the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, those same NOLA-proud groups are continuing their efforts, fundraising for the neighboring Lone Star State.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Dirty Coast (a post-Katrina organization), along with local retailer Fleurty Girl, have created personalized T-shirts to benefit Texas food banks. Dirty Coast's T-shirt design features the outline of the state of Texas and a large fleur-de-lis in the center, which is emblematic of their mission statement, "Be a New Orleanian, Wherever You Are." According to NOLA.com, about $10 of proceeds from sales of the tee will be donated specifically to the Houston Food Bank. You can purchase the $28 shirt here.

Fleurty Girl's tee design has the words "Hou Dat" on the front, with the fleur-de-lis symbol embossed in the lettering. It's available for pre-order online for $20. Per Fleurty Girl's Facebook page, 100 percent of proceeds from sales will be donated to Feeding Texas, a nonprofit that serves food banks in southeast Texas. The proceeds will also go to help support the Cajun Navy, a group of Louisiana natives who came together to assist flood victims in Houston this week, as well as during the catastrophic flood that swamped Louisiana back in August 2016.

"We haven't forgotten that Houston helped New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Now it's our turn to help them," Fleurty Girl posted on their site.

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Although Hurricane Harvey was quickly downgraded to a tropical storm, there are still reports of life-threatening rainfall and flooding expected over the next few days in Texas and possibly Louisiana. Here are ways, in addition to purchasing a T-shirt, that you can help.