You Are Going To Love The New OREO Flavor

It’s a perfect treat for the holiday season.

OREO Snickerdoodle
Photo: OREO

When I was a sugar-deprived latchkey kid, I would come home from school and head to the kitchen. I would proceed to whip up a tiny batch of my favorite cookies—snickerdoodles. I'd measure out the Cream of Tartar, carefully roll each little ball of dough in cinnamon, and bake them up. I ate all the evidence and washed all the dishes, carefully putting everything back so my mother never knew. Kids these days may not have to go to all that trouble, because OREO's newest flavor is snickerdoodle.

The beloved cookie company—and frequent crossword puzzle answer— just announced the latest addition to their holiday cookie roster on social media, laying out clues for eagle-eyed cookie fanatics.

Their twist on the traditional cinnamon-flecked cookie is the OREO Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies, which features the classic snickerdoodle flavored cookie sandwiching a cinnamon flavor creme and decked out in festive green and red sugar crystals. The limited-edition holiday cookie will be available nationwide soon—as in, before Halloween. The cookies hit shelves across the South starting on October 17, 2022. The sweet treats are a limited run, so if you want to serve them at your holiday gathering, stock up now, while supplies last.

While OREO's version of Snickerdoodles may not be quite the thing to make a splash at the holiday cookie swap, they will certainly be a delicious addition to your snack drawer.

And we hear Santa is a fan.

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