Expect to see it in a Halloween candy bag near you.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 23, 2017
cookies and screeem M&Ms
Credit: Instagram.com/JunkBanter

It's hard to meet an M&M we don't like. And while the latest M&M new flavor may spook us a bit, our palates are about to be very, very pleased. Enter: Cookies & Screeem. The Halloween-themed candy was leaked by the popular junk food enthusiast instagram account @junkbanter. (Warning: Do not click the link if you're on a diet.)

Now on sale at Target, the seasonal release is reminiscent of the ever-beloved Oreo with white chocolate on the inside and an exterior of dark chocolate.

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If you're a collector of M&Ms specialty editions, we also suggest checking out Walmart, where white pumpkin pie M&Ms launched last week (each of the two stores typically releases a store-exclusive product each Halloween season.)

Hey, if Christmas can come ‘round again in July, we sure don't mind a bit of the Halloween spirit in August. Especially if it's in cookie-inspired chocolate form.