Hint: It's not pumpkin.

Let's talk about fall mornings. School is back in session. The more laidback pace at the office is nowhere to be found. Cue the violins: It's no longer tomato season.

But, wait! There's chunky sweaters, tailgating, and cozying up with a cup of joe to look forward to. If you're anything like us, we're excited to say hello to the autumn season—and Dunkin' Donuts just seriously upped the ante.

The makers of your morning released their fall menu on Tuesday, August 14th, and it does not disappoint. Indeed, a steady stream of pumpkin coffees, doughnuts, and muffins will be coming your way. But this year, there's a new breakfast hero in town: Maple.

Dunkin' Donuts Fall Menu
Credit: Dunkin' Donuts

In a company press release, Dunkin' Donuts showed nothing short of an all-out obsession with maple-flavored delights. New to their lineup will be both maple pecan coffee and a maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich. The latter will wedge fluffy eggs, melted cheese and a double serving of "sweet caramelized Maple Sugar Cherrywood smoked bacon" between a warm, flaky croissant.

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Among the new menu releases, there will also be "Festive Fall Donuts," which come dressed up in a variety of colors symbolizing the arrival of fall, including foliage-inspired red icing and Halloween-esque chocolate and orange sprinkles.

Meanwhile, pumpkin lovers, fear not. There's something for you, too. Specifically, the brand will be launching a limited-edition pumpkin cream cheese spread to slather all over your next bagel.

The new items land at DD's no later than August 28th, so start saving real estate in your stomach now.