We're really hoping these get added to the menu nationwide.
Chick-fil-A New Drinks 2019
Credit: Courtesy Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Attention all cold brew and lemonade tea lovers (between those two groups, that should cover practically everyone): Chick-fil-A is testing some exciting new products.

In a recent blog post on their company blog, The Chicken Wire, the Atlanta-based fast food chain announced that they're testing two seasonal tea lemonade flavors, as well as a new cold brew. On the tea lemonade front, they'll be testing Mango Passion Tea Lemonade made with their signature lemonade and freshly-brewed unsweetened iced tea, combined with natural flavors from mangoes and passion fruit. They'll also be testing Blackberry Blossom Tea Lemonade, which also features a base of lemonade and unsweetened iced tea, boosted by natural flavors from blackberries, hibiscus, and blood oranges. Guests can feel free to mix and match their beverages with Chick-fil-A's diet lemonade and/or sweetened iced tea as they please. Each of these two new drinks is available in small and large, or by the gallon in-restaurant or as part of catering orders, and prices start at $1.95.

Java lovers can get excited by a third drink the chain is testing—the Mocha Cream Cold Brew. Seved on ice, this beverage combines cold-brewed coffee, sweetened cream, and chocolate-flavored syrup. The drink is available in small and large sizes, and prices start at $2.69.

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For now, the tea lemonades are only being tested in Jacksonville, Florida, while the Mocha Cream Cold Brew is currently only being tested in Denver, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming (hey, management, us Southeners like cold brew, too). The trial period kicked off on October 7th and runs trough November 9th. The good news? If customer feedback is positive, the brand will consider rolling out these new drinks nationwide.

We'll have to drown our FOMO in Icedream cones to tide us over.