Did Filming Just Kick Off for Season Two of Netflix's 'Sweet Magnolias' ?

We're so excited to head back to Serenity.

Sweet Magnolias has been sweet salvation for our stressed-out souls amid the coronavirus pandemic. After the first season of the sweet, soapy series debuted on Netflix last spring, we simply couldn't get enough of it. But a girl can only re-watch one show in a short period of time so often, and we've long been antsing for updates on when the confirmed second season of the hit series will land on the streaming platform.

As we reported this past summer per The Covington News, film crews hoped to return to Covington, Georgia (a.k.a. the town of Serenity) early this year to commence filming for season two. In October, Sherryl Woods, executive producer and author of the Sweet Magnolias book series even Tweeted, "Keeping our fingers crossed that NOTHING will keep us from getting into production in Georgia in 2021. Stay tuned." We know it's just one Tweet, but it certainly got us excited during these dark times.

Well, perhaps Woods' finger crossing paid off — now that the new year is underway, we see that The Covington News published a scoop back on January 5 that has us putting our detective hats on and buzzing with anticipation: "Porterdale [a town a few minutes outside of Covington] officials recently announced during a city council meeting that film crews were supposed to be in town beginning Jan. 5," writes Taylor Beck, noting that it was unclear if this project is related to Sweet Magnolias or Legacies, a CW series that is also tentatively slated to be filmed in the Covington area this year.

Of course, without our boots in the ground, it's hard to know if Sweet Magnolias is the project Porterdale officials were referring to, but we know one thing for sure: We'll take that as our cue to do a little happy dance and hope we're reunited with Maddie, Dana Sue, Helen, and everyone else sooner rather than later.

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