An original home makeover show is in the works for the streaming service.
Netflix screen and remote
Credit: Thomas Trutschel / Contributor/Getty Images

Here's good reason to be a little less bummed about 'Fixer Upper' coming to an end: Netflix is reportedly in the midst of bringing its very own home makeover series to a TV, laptop, or phone screen near you.

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According to Deadline, the streaming behemoth has allegedly hopped aboard the home makeover bandwagon and ordered a 12-part series called Amazing on the Inside. The series will be Netflix's first original home design show. Created by the British company Barcroft Productions, the 30-minute episodes "...will uncover homes that hide an incredible secret [behind the ordinary exteriors] that are passion projects for their owners, who have transformed their living space to reflect their passions, dreams and identity," writes Deadline reporter Peter White. Simply put, it sounds like we'll get glimpses inside incredible home interior transformations that show off the owner's quirky interests. (Here's to hoping there's a hydrangea-and-magnolia-themed episode.)

There's no word on when the series will debut, but it's IMDb page lists it as "in-development." Seeing as HGTV doesn't stream its content on Netflix, we're yearning for a speedy arrival — we know 'Fixer Upper' withdrawal is going to hit us hard.