A Christmas Prince, meet your match!

By Michelle Darrisaw
December 13, 2017

In recent years, the only place it seemed you could overdose on nonstop holiday magic, romance, and Christmas cheer was the Hallmark Channel. But the feel-good network is beginning to see some competition in the Yuletide department, with Freeform's "25 Days of Christmas" movie programming and Lifetime's "It's a Really, Really Cozy Christmas" special. Now, Netflix wants to join in on celebrating the spirit of the season with its cable network competitors by releasing another original festive film: Christmas Inheritance.

Fresh off the heels of its recent holiday release, A Christmas Prince, Netflix is hoping to rile up the Interwebs and binge-watchers again with its second original Christmas movie on Friday, December 15. Whether you loved their first attempt at a Christmas-themed rom-com, or you simply loved to hate it, A Christmas Prince was one of the most talked-about new releases. Which is why the mega-streaming service is continuing to capitalize off the merry momentum with Christmas Inheritance.

When it comes a Christmas Inheritance, the title may be different from Netflix's first offering, but the formula is virtually the same. The movie features a young, beautiful socialite named Ellen (portrayed by Eliza Taylor) who has to return to her father's small hometown—the appropriately-named Snow Falls—to convince him that she's responsible enough to run his company. While there, she's asked to complete the task most of us will be doing this season: mailing the family's traditional Christmas letters and cards.

Of course, the movie wouldn't be complete without a handsome love interest. But just when Ellen starts to find her happily ever after in the meek and modest innkeeper, her fiancé shows up in town thwarting her new romance. Southerners, you'll also be thrilled to know that the movie stars South Carolina native and Hallmark regular Andie MacDowell.

We'll let you decide—like most Netflix subscribers did with A Christmas Prince—as to whether it'll be an instant holiday classic or one giant letdown. Either way, we're glad to have another outlet to get our Christmas movie fix.

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Tune in for this Netflix original on Friday, December 15, to see if Ellen learns that the true magic of Christmas is not about brightly-colored presents under the tree, but in loving and giving to those around us. Or, you know, you could just watch her fall in love with the hotel inn employee.