Nestlé Toll House Funfetti Morsels Are Here

Yum alert.

Netle Toll House Funfetti

Allow us, dear reader, to reveal to you just a few of the treats we've been baking up during quarantine life. There have been glazed buttermilk donut cakes. There have been Ree Drummond's dark chocolate brownies. There have been bonus batches of Ree Drummond's aforementioned brownies. There have been pies, galettes, and cobblers. There have been crisps, crumbles, buckles, and slumps. Cookies and cupcakes galore.

And oh, has there been Funfetti, adding countless sparks of color and joy to the humdrum realities of hunkering down at home. In recent weeks, we've practically earned a masters degree in Funfetti baking thanks to the arrival of Funfetti Chocolate Cake & Cupcake Mix. Now, we're excited to learn that Nestlé Toll House has launched Funfetti Morsels. These new, multi-hued bits are filled with edible rainbow Funfetti and add a vanilla cake flavor to any treat you're whipping up, from cookies to cupcakes. (Confession: We're also partial to sprinkling a handful atop a fresh stack of pancakes to add more pep to our weekend-morning step.)

The Funfetti Morsels are available in the baking aisle alongside other Nestlé Toll House products at Kroger, Hannaford, Target, and select regional grocery chains, for a manufacturer suggested retail price of $3.20 for the nine-ounce bag. To find out local availability, you can check the store locator to see the closest location that stocks the product near you on

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Well, it's safe to say our July baking adventures just got kicked up a notch—and just got a whole lot more colorful.

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