Here's how to participate in the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" program.
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Amidst these dark times during the coronavirus pandemic, kindness shines brightly.

Many of us seek ways to give back to those in need but aren't sure how. Now, Walmart and Nextdoor, the neighborhood hub for connecting members of a community, have come up with a great way for individuals to help. The two companies have launched their “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program, an initiative to make it easier for people to help their neighbors get essential items like food and medication during the coronavirus crisis.

Available in cities across the country, you can either request help or volunteer to help with shopping for essential items at Walmart for the pickup and delivery of groceries, medications, and other essential goods. The efforts are coordinated via a neighbor who is already planning a shopping trip to Walmart and items for those in need are to be delivered without contact.

“I’ve seen firsthand the countless ways our Walmart team is working together during this challenging time, leading with humanity, compassion and understanding to serve our customers,” said Janey Whiteside, Walmart’s chief customer officer in a joint company press release. “We’re continuing to do that through our new program with Nextdoor. We’re connecting neighbors to each other so that more members of our communities have access to essential items, while limiting contact and the number of people shopping in our stores.”

To volunteer or get help, once you're registered with Nextdoor (if you're not already), click on the “Groups” tab and you can see Walmart stores in your area pinned to the top. Then, you will be prompted to post a message in the group feed if you are in need of assistance or want to help and coordinate from there. Participants in the program are urged to use contact-free payment options and delivery methods.

“We’re inspired every day by the kindness of people around the world who are stepping up and helping out. In recent weeks, we’ve been blown away by the number of members who have raised their hands to run an errand, go to the grocery store or pick up a prescription for a neighbor,” said Sarah Friar, Nextdoor CEO in the same media statement. “We’re grateful for Walmart's partnership to make this important connection between neighbors around vital services, and we’re proud to come together to ensure everyone has a neighborhood to rely on.”

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Remember, if you want to go out to shop,  know your risk and follow the CDC's guidelines.

We're grateful for all the innovative ways to help our communities during this crisis. And looking forward to brighter days in head when we can all be together once again.