Sgt. Donovan McPherson is being hailed a hero after a photo from the rescue appeared online.

It's safe to say that members of the North Carolina National Guard don't get as many opportunities to assist with snow rescues as guardsmen in other states do. But when a call came in from emergency responders in Lenoir on Sunday, Sgt. Donovan McPherson was ready.

In the days following the historic snowstorm that buried most of the Tar Heel State, McPherson, 27, was tasked with escorting emergency responders throughout the town to provide back-up if needed.

He told WRAL that they received a call for help from a family with a sick infant that had been stranded for three days without electricity after a tree fell on a power line. Lenoir, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain, experienced a record 18 inches of snowfall.

"The baby was recently sick," McPherson told the station. "They were worried the baby would get sick again."

As McPherson was helping them out of the home, he noticed the mother was struggling to carry several items as well as her infant. That's when the soldier decided to jump in and carry the baby in a car seat.

"She just thanked us," he told WRAL.

A photo of McPherson was carrying the car seat with a pink blanket draped across it through the snow was posted to the North Carolina National Guard Facebook page. Praise for the soldier poured in.

"Earlier today [Sunday] a Soldier with the 883rd Eng CO assisted the NC Emergency Management All Hazard Response Team dispatched to Caldwell County transport a baby to Hudson, N.C. Well done!!" the Facebook caption reads.

The family is reportedly staying with a relative with electricity at their home in Hudson, N.C.