Meteorologist Calls Kids During Live Broadcast to Warn Them of Incoming Tornado

“This is going to go right over my house.”

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A Washington D.C. area meteorologist was on air last week when he realized his family was in harm's way.

NBC Washington chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer was tracking a severe weather outbreak for viewers Thursday night when a tornado warning occurred over his family's Maryland home.

"As a matter of fact, I'm tracking this so closely now, this is going to go right over my house," he said, while zooming in on the deep-red area of the map and dialing a cell phone.

With time of the essence, Kammerer called his son.

"Kenton, you there buddy? Hey man, I want you to get down to the basement. We got a tornado warning," Kammerer said while cameras rolled. "I want to make sure you and Cally get down as soon as you can."

"Get down there right now," he urged his son. "Get in the bedroom down there and wait 10-15 minutes okay. Do it now."

The next day, Kammerer recounted the tense moment on Facebook.

"This was a scary moment," he wrote alongside a clip of the on-air phone call. "I was tracking this Tornado warning and saw it heading right towards my house. My heart sank as I was on air. My kids were home alone, and I knew they weren't paying attention."

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"I had to make the call on LIVE TV. I have never done anything like that before," Kammerer continued. "They were safe thank goodness and even though the Tornado did touch down in Fairfax county, there were no injuries."

Go dad!

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