It truly takes a village.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 07, 2017
Hurricane Harvey World War II Veteran

Neighbors helping neighbors have turned the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey into a touching experience for 99-year-old World War II veteran, Bill Fry.

The former Army Air Forces First Lieutenant's Harris County home was destroyed by flooding after the catastrophic storm took hold in his Norchester neighborhood. Now, the community is pitching in to help Fry rebuild his home—all in time, volunteers hope, for his milestone 100th birthday.

"It's hard to realize that used to be in my house," said Fly to local news channel KHOU of the mountain of belongings that now line neighborhood streets. Fly shared his 1972 with his wife, Mary Beth, of 69 years until she died earlier this year. Residents offering a lending hand know they can't give Fly back precious family photos and letters. But they do know the heartfelt work will serve as a gesture of their tremendous gratitude for Fly's service, as well as provide him with a sense of normalcy.

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Among the volunteers lending their support to the rebuilding efforts is former Navy SEAL, Mark Luttrell, the inspiration behind the popular book and film "Lone Survivor."

A fundraising drive has been established to help. You can learn more and donate here. Currently, they have raised over $83,000 for Fly. Luttrell's wife, Melanie, informed KHOU that any extra money raised will go towards helping other veterans affected by Hurricane Harvey. Watch the moving video below (warning: tears will ensue).