The 43-song playlist comes straight from the team members themselves.
Navarro Cheer Netflix
Credit: Netflix

We don’t know about you, but with the state of the world right now, we could definitely use some Navarro Cheer “mat talk.”

In lieu of providing every last one of you with a personalized speech from hype-man extraordinaire Jerry Harris, we’re thrilled to report that Spotify has the next best thing: the Navarro Cheer Team’s playlist.

By now, you’re no doubt acquainted with Netflix’s runaway hit Cheer, a documentary-style series that follows the coaches and cheerleaders at Navarro College in tiny Corsicana, Texas. The legendary cheerleading team has won more than a dozen national championship titles.

The cheerleaders themselves teamed up with Spotify to put together a 43-song lineup of tracks they're using to pump themselves up during practice, and, hopefully, propel them all the way to first place at Daytona.

"Every individual picked their favorite song—some are hip-hop, some EDM, some rap. Meanwhile, others picked slower songs," coaches Monica Aldama and Andy Cosferent told Spotify. "When we practice, we only listen to that playlist. We put it on shuffle, and no one is allowed to skip a song, because we want everybody to have the opportunity to listen to their favorite jam. Every individual has a different way of getting motivated, and I think each song, just like each team member, has something special."

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The playlist veers heavily toward current pop music hits, and boasts familiar artists like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and even Hillsong.

But coach Monica’s favorite song is one you might not have heard.

“One song that’s been on our team playlist for quite a few years now is ‘Get It Ready’ by DJ Jubilee, and it reminds me of mat talk,” she told Spotify. “It’s so fun to listen to because it makes you have an extra little bit of energy. You just can’t help but dance when that song comes on, and it just puts everyone in a better mood.”

Well, if it works for the winningest cheer team in the country, it will work for us!