Saving the bees has never been cuter.

By Meghan Overdeep
March 26, 2019

With populations plummeting worldwide, bees need our help more than ever. Native and honey bees are essential to our ecosystem, and now, thanks to Costco, giving nature's favorite pollinator a helping hand has never been easier—or cuter.

Beekeeping isn't for everyone, which is why we're so excited about the bulk retailer's new Mason Bee Barn, which allows everyday ordinary people to help native bees like masons and leafcutters. Unlike their honey-making relatives, native bees require zero human assistance to keep their households up and running.

Bearing a striking resemblance to a bird house, Costco's Mason Bee Barn ($32.99) attracts non-stinging native bees that are not aggressive. "Native bees are the most prolific pollinators on our planet," the store's website explains. "Unlike honey bees, there is no colony with workers, there are no swarms, and they do not produce honey. Their sole focus is pollination, and they make friendly, non-aggressive neighbors."

Hello, beautiful gardens!

Here's how it works. Once a native female bee establishes her home in the Mason Bee Barn, she will lay her eggs filling the tubes with nourishment, and seal off the entrance so her young can safely grow. The native bee life span is a single season so her young will take over as next season's pollinators.

The sweet little bee house is hand-crafted from solid pine wood and bamboo and is sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish. And, even better, no assembly needed.