When it's hotter'n a blister bug in a pepper patch.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 23, 2019

What happens when you grab a sheet tray, drop down your biscuit dough, place it the back of your parked car, and let the summer heat do the rest?

That's exactly what the National Weather Service in Omaha sought to find out last week during the brutally hot weather. The team shared their results on Twitter, quipping, "And after nearly 8 hours in the sun, the outside of the biscuit is actually edible. The middle is still pretty doughy though. The max temp on the pan was 185! Also we made festive biscuit hats."

Comments on Twitter ranged from "I vote cookies for tomorrow" to "Nobody made the gravy?" as people marveled at the impressive — albeit slightly gross (don't try to replicate this one at home, friends) — feat.

While the temperature during the NWS - Omaha biscuit-making triumph was only 99°F outside, the biscuit dough climbed to 175.2°F after only an hour inside the car, reports Newsweek. Indeed, this experiment may be humorous, but it serves as an important reminder to not leave children or pets in the car during the scorching summer temperature.

Across the country, temperatures have skyrocketed to dangerously high levels in recent days and weeks. So should you fry that egg on the sidwealk and bake biscuits? While the National Weather Service may be testing the limits by whipping up a batch of back-seat biscuits, we're all about AC and ice cream. Stay safe, everyone.