The National Association of Realtors zoomed in on the best markets.
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For those millennials who choose to buy homes over avocado toast (tsk tsk), there's a stellar lineup of Southern cities to plant your roots. Of course, some are more affordable than others and some have better career opportunities. Some have better porch potential and some have higher average salaries.

How are we to choose? Well, perk up your ears '80s and '90s babies: You may want to consider buying your home in Durham, North Carolina; El Paso, Texas; or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. That's according to a new analysis from the National Association of Realtors on the Most Popular Areas for Millennials: Where They Move and Stay. For their national survey, the organization looked at employment gains, population trends, income levels and housing conditions in the largest 100 metropolitan statistical areas in America to determine the best purchase markets for millennial homebuyers.

"The top 10 metro areas NAR identified were chosen for their above-average share of current millennial residents and recent movers, favorable employment opportunities and relatively low qualifying incomes needed to purchase a home," an introduction to the report begins, which also includes Bakersfield, California; Denver, Colorado; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Madison, Wisconsin; Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding Iowa area; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Seattle, Washington in the top ten list.

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If Durham, El Paso, or Oklahoma City sound like intriguing locales for your next move, you can read more about them in the National Association of Realtors' report here.

So who's ready to cut back on avocado toast?