Natchez Will Pay You $6,000 to Move There and Buy a House

Remote workers wanted!

The city of Natchez, Mississippi, is giving $6,000 to each person willing to move there and buy a house.

The charming river town has launched an incentive program called Shift South, designed to entice remote workers with "the unique quality of life along the bluff of the Mississippi River."

Main Street, Natchez, Mississippi, USA
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To be eligible, workers are required to buy a house in Natchez or Adams County valued at least at $150,000 or more and live there for an entire year. The reward is expected to cover $2,500 in relocation costs and $300 a month for 12 months.

Natchez, the oldest town along the Mississippi River, is best known for its opulent homes, built throughout the 19th century when the region boomed with cotton. Thanks to an influx of brand-new businesses, the past few years have seen a rejuvenation of the downtown scene.

"Natchez sells itself," Mayor Dan Gibson told WAPT 16. "Where else can anyone live in a place with a view of the river and a safe place to live? We have a lot of unity and harmony here in Natchez, and we have beautiful homes here and you can buy a beautiful home here $150,000."

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The Shift South program has 30 slots available. According to Gibson, 10 spots have already been claimed.

You can find more information on the program at

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