The peaceful moment between strangers is going viral.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 01, 2020

As rage over the death of George Floyd consumes the nation, a moment of peace shared between a protester and a Nashville police officer is going viral.

A moving photo, taken by Elise Haines, appears to show the two men praying together during the Tennessee city’s “I Will Breathe” protests on Saturday.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department later identified the police officer as Garren Hoskins. According to a tweet from police department, Hoskins and the protestor in front of him began talking about their shared Christian faith in the midst of a confrontation at the Central Precinct.

“Hoskins asked the man to join him in prayer. He put his sign down. They prayed” the department wrote.

Unfortunately, this powerful scene doesn’t represent the majority of interactions that have transpired between police and protesters since Floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed in Minneapolis police custody over Memorial Day weekend. And, like in other cities across the country, the Nashville protests eventually turned to riots Saturday.