The Pie Wagon

Whether your go-to order was pan-fried catfish or country fried steak, it's hard to outshine the food and feeling at Nashville's beloved meat-and-three, The Pie Wagon.

After 96 years in the business, however, the eatery is closing up shop because of the cost associated with necessary building improvements. "The Metro Water Department is requiring updates to pipes and plumbing that the owners say are too expensive to do and stay profitable," reports Brad Schmitt in the Tennessean.

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Founded in 1922, The Pie Wagon has actually enjoyed various physical locations over its nearly 100-year history. Before its current location on Division Street, it was housed on 12th Avenue North, beginning in the mid '60s. But it first opened shop — and got its moniker — when it started in 1922 in the Gulch neighborhood serving up food out of a trolley car (then called The Majestic Cafe) when such establishments were dubbed pie wagons.

So Nashville friends, it's time to call up your pals and make lunch plans for one last spoonful of mac and cheese, deviled eggs, and vinegar slaw. It's safe to say chow-time just won't be the same without this wonderful Wagon.