Guess we know what grandma's getting for Mother's Day this year!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 30, 2018
Yevgen Timashov/Getty Images

Instagram and other photo sharing apps are a great way to document life's milestones, but they also tend to leave less tech-savvy loved ones out of the loop.

If your family tree is ripe with relatives looking for hard copies of your adventures, NanaGram is here to help. For a monthly fee, this service prints and mails a package of your best Kodak moments to the recipient of your choice. (We're looking at you, Grandma!)

There's no app involved—you (and your siblings) simply text photos to your family NanaGram number, and then select prints on the website. For an extra fee, you can add multiple recipients to your list, and everyone will receive the same batch of prints each month. You can even add captions by texting comments along with the photos!

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NanaGram packages begin at $7.99/month, for 10 photos, and go all the way up to a 100-photo option, which will run you $34.99/month. Each package includes 4-by-6 inch prints and every picture is printed on high quality photo paper.

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