By Meghan Overdeep
October 31, 2019

Good news for those of you who like a little bit of mystery with their Christmas cheer. Brach's is rolling out their Holiday Mystery Cane Mix, featuring 12 candy canes in four unknown holiday flavors.

They come in blue and green, red and green, and pink and purple, and Brach's told Southern Living that they could be either fruity, sour, sweet, or salty—you won't know until you try them for yourself.

A box of 12 canes is currently listed for $14.99 on Amazon, and for just $3.60 on Candy Warehouse. They'll be available in stores and on Brachs.com from November 1 to January 1.

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Worst case scenario, if you don't like one of the flavors, you can simply hang them on your tree! But popular Instagrammer Junk Food Mom has a feeling that they won't taste like anything super weird, like broccoli, macaroni and cheese, or bologna. "Brach's is too classy for that," she wrote on Instagram. But there really is only one way to find out!

Happy tasting, and most importantly, good luck!