Do you know these lovebirds?
Mystery South Carolina Couple
Credit: Dana DeHart

It was 1997 when University of South Carolina professor, Dana DeHart, Ph.D., came across a pile of belongings outside a demolished home on the 1600 block of Rice Street in Columbia.

"It appeared that it had been torn down after an elderly resident passed away or was taken to residential care," she told Southern Living.

Furniture and awards were among the various personal effects sitting on the side of the road that day, but it was a single photo that caught DeHart's eye. The black-and-white-photo of a smiling young couple had no business sitting on a curb, so DeHart scooped it up and brought it home.

"The photo was exceptional, and I thought someone should be appreciating it, so it's been in my living room for years," she explained.

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Now, after 20 years spent admiring the photo, DeHart wants to find the family of the charming lovebirds depicted in it. But attempts to track down the names of the property's former inhabitants yielded nothing, as did requests to local reporters and even the Columbia Historical Society.

After meeting countless dead ends, DeHart hopes that the stamp on the back of the photo could provide a potential lead. The time-worn ink says the following:

Mystery South Carolina Couple Stamp
Credit: Dana DeHart

Though she's uninterested in media coverage herself, DeHart said she hopes it will ultimately help her to locate kin and finally return a precious family memory.