Dreams come true, y'all!

By Meghan Overdeep
October 31, 2018
Westend61/Getty Images

This one goes out to anybody who's ever said that the perfect job doesn't exist.

Behold, the employment opportunity that could very well break the internet: MUTTS Canine Cantina's first-ever fall intern.

The beautiful humans behind this pup-friendly restaurant and dog park in Texas recently announced that they're sniffing out the perfect "puptern" for their new Fort Worth location. The job? Petting dogs? The pay? A paws-itively unbelievable $100/hour.

Go ahead. Pinch yourself.

"The ideal candidate obviously has to be able to be great with dogs… very engaging," owner Kyle Noonan told CBSDFW. "I think bacon in your pocket probably helps too or maybe some puppy chow perfume. But really, we are looking for somebody that has a great personality, that's very engaging, and ultimately loves animals."

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Now, before you get too excited, the job is weather-dependent and only for three to five hours a week during fall and winter. Let's just say it's for a passionate dog person with a steady income.

So, think you've got what it takes and can spare a few hours a week petting pups? Apply by posting a photo or video demonstrating your puppy petting skills by 11/12 with #MUTTSpuptern and tag @muttscantina.

Good luck!