New Florida Barbecue Restaurant Opens on Lake Campground with Fishing, Mini Golf, a Hammock Garden, and More

Lakefront fun and lip-smacking good 'cue, just a few miles outside of Orlando.

There are many restaurants in the South showing incredible resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic—and plenty of creativity, too.

Today, we're amazed by Munchies Live BBQ a newly opened and innovative barbecue concept from Chef Alfred Mann that pretty much catapults us back to those blissful childhood summer days, perhaps at sleepaway camp, perhaps at your family's lake house, perhaps simply tearing up your neighborhood by bike. Located in Gotha, Florida, just outside of Orlando, on the grounds of Camp Ithiel, Munchies Live BBQ gives all its guests that 10-year-old giddiness: Spend an hour embracing your inner kid (or with your actual youngsters) on Lake Fischer as you soak up nature's beauty and play mini golf, read that new book you just picked up in the hammock garden, play corn hole, kayak, fish, shoot hoops, frolic on the playground, or enjoy the outdoors however you please. Once you've worked up a sufficient appetite, grab a picnic table or laze in an Adirondack chair as you scarf down mouthwatering BBQ. We're talking ribs, chicken, mac and cheese, apple coleslaw, collard greens, potato salad, the works, all washed down with lemonade or sweet tea and one heck of a winsome view. In addition to the Munchies Live BBQ experience, there's also a drive-thru pick-up menu if you prefer to enjoy your food at home.

Aldred Mann Smiling Chef Coat
Courtesy Alfred Mann

In terms of Mann's culinary chops? As Mann told Southern Living, he grew up enjoying his grandmother Naomi's soul food and North Carolina barbecue. He also did a stint in the barbecue matrix that is Memphis, which surely influenced his unique style of cooking, too. For Munchies Live BBQ, Mann was inspired to create a place where friends, family, and communities could gather in an outdoor environment while enjoying tasty food and each other's company (FYI: Amid the ongoing pandemic, masks are required).

"I'm a Floridian and I love the outdoors and the location is also our corporate offices and our research and development team center, where we are working on a micro-portable restaurant concept that is low-overhead and franchisable and includes merchandise and retail," he added, hinting at what's to come for his growing company.

Check out the post below for more details on menu offerings and reservation availabilities. You can call 407-879-6761 to pre-book your Munchies Live BBQ experience.

So Florida friends, who's ready to grab their fishing rod and dig into a heaping plate of grub? You had us at putting green and potato salad.

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