This Google Search Update Makes Planning a Movie Night a Breeze

Can we test this out tonight?

People at Movie Theater
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Getting from "what movie should we see?" to resting in your chair with a bucket of popcorn isn't always a seamless transition. There's schedules to coordinate, movie choices to narrow down, and traffic to beat.

Now, Google is making it easier to plan a fun night out at the movies directly from your phone with new Google Search features. In a recent blog post, the tech company revealed a new update that will make organizing movie night simpler.

With the latest enhancement, Google product manager Haimin Lee explains, " can quickly compare movies by the factors you care most about—ratings, showtimes, theater location and more—all from the same view." As was the case previously, you can click on a showtime and purchase movie tickets on your mobile device.

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To try it out, type in "showtimes," "movies," or "Birmingham showtimes" (swap "Birmingham" for whatever city you're in) into Google Search on mobile browsers or on the Google Android App (the iOS functionality is coming soon). Then, you can narrow your search by filters like date, time of day, ratings, critic scores, and movie genre. Guess we're off to see The Miracle Season on this quiet weekday afternoon. See ya!

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