The Most Spoiled Dog Breeds And The Best Ways To Pamper Them

Assuming, of course, that there’s such a thing as spoiling your pup too much.

Given their fancifully coifed pompadours and their owners' seeming predilection for little pink bows, it'd be tempting to think that the poodle might take first prize as the country's most pampered pooch. But according to data from pet gift shop, they don't even break the top five, coming in at a cool number seven instead. But just how do you measure how spoiled a dog really is?

Dog Wearing Tutu
Jena Ardell determines just how lavished upon a dog breed is by calculating how much its owners spend on toys, accessories, and treats for their four-legged friends. See if your dog made the list of spoiled pooches and if your pampering compares.

Spoiled Dogs By State

Out of 300 breeds considered, the stately Dobermann takes first place as the most spoiled dog breed in the United States, followed by svelte Whippets and grandiose Great Danes. Two smaller breeds, Schnoodles and American Bulldogs, round out the top five.

Dobermanns are the most spoiled pups in Louisiana, Whippets come in first in Georgia, and Great Danes take the cake in Florida. But the other Southern states tend to have different breeds ranking as the most spoiled: Alabama loves Cairn Terriers, and North Carolina prizes Shetland Sheepdogs. Arkansas and Mississippi treasure Great Pyrenees, and Texas is all about the Japanese Shiba.

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Most Spoiled Dog Names

Just because you don't have one of the most spoiled dog breeds at home doesn't mean you're off the hook: Dogs with certain names tend to be more spoiled too. Charlie, Lucy, and Bella take top marks, with Luna, Daisy, and Cooper hot on their heels.

The Best Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Regardless of breed, there are a few ways to tell if your dog is spoiled. Does your dog have its own wardrobe? Does he have spa dates on the calendar? Does sharing your bed mean your dog takes up more space than you do? Pampering your pet with toys, treats, and holiday pajamas is fun, and showing him he's loved is more than OK, as long as your attention doesn’t mean your dog gets away with bad behavior.

If your pup likes adventure as much as you do, look for pet-friendly hotels when you travel and take him along. Bake a batch of dog treats that are full of ingredients that are safe for dogs, like pumpkin and peanut butter. Give your dog a spa day at home with your favorite scented dog shampoo, a washcloth for the face, and a quick blow-dry.

If Your Dog Is Too Spoiled

If you think you’ve spoiled your dog a little too much, you can still teach your pooch good manners while showing him love. Start with basic commands from the experts to get your dog to sit, come, and leave something alone, and let your pet know you are in charge.

Reasons We Spoil Our Dogs

There’s a reason we spoil our pets: They make us happy. It turns out owning a dog is as good for us as it is for them. Having a dog helps improve emotional well-being by reducing stress and boosting your mood. Those daily walks encourage physical as well as social activity, according to the American Heart Association. You’ll meet other dog owners and meet your own exercise goals while you help Fido get the zoomies out. And bonding with your pup will make both of you happier. That’s spoiling that is good for both of you.

Of course, there's no pooch more spoiled than the one who's currently curled up on your bed with you…even though you were very clear about the no-dogs-on-the-bed rule. But how you could possibly say no to those eyes?

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