We've got some serious fillings about this.

Pecan Pie in Oven
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Thanksgiving desserts, how we love thee.

If you're anything like us, this time of year you're all about pie. Perhaps you use your mom's tattered-and-splattered recipe card, or a dog-eared recipe from your favorite cookbook. But in 2018, there's also a pretty good chance you're heading to Google for your pie reconnaissance.

In a new post on Google's blog, The Keyword, the search engine giant took a look at all things Thanksgiving, including desserts. Interestingly, they found pie preferences vary by state, and broke down the most-searched pies ahead of Thanksgiving by state. While the majority of the South (and America as a whole) was all about pumpkin pie, there were a few outliers. First, our friends in South Carolina are all about apples, with apple pie being the most-searched-for pie in The Palmetto State. Meanwhile, over in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, pecan pie reigned supreme with the highest number of searches.

Pies by State
Credit: Google

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Now, if only we could stop endlessly searching for various pie recipes and settle on which showstopper we're going to whip up this year. Alas, happy baking.