Google just shared some interesting data for Pi(e) day.
Pecan Pie
Credit: Wanwisa Hernandez / EyeEm/Getty Images

We all love pie. But some states love certain pies — whether it be buttermilk pie or crawfish pie (Louisiana, we're looking at you) — more than others.

This year for Pi Day, Google looked at data from March 5th to March 12th for the most uniquely search pies by state. According to a press representative, Google compared top "pie" searches in each state to top "pie" searches across the U.S. to identify which types of pie people search for disproportionately more at the state level.

Below, see the winners for every Southern state. Some were shoo-ins like buttermilk pie and peanut butter pie. But there were also some curveballs — for instance, the quirky millionaire pie taking the cake (erm, pie) for Texas and pecan pie only reigning supreme in one Southern state (and New Mexico). Scroll down to see what your state is craving.

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  • Alabama: Buttermilk pie
  • Arkansas: Buttermilk pie
  • Delaware: Shepherd's pie
  • Florida: Key lime pie
  • Georgia: Buttermilk pie
  • Kentucky: Peanut butter pie
  • Louisiana: Crawfish pie
  • Maryland: Pumpkin pie
  • Mississippi: Buttermilk pie
  • Missouri: Coconut cream pie
  • North Carolina: Sweet potato pie
  • Oklahoma: Chocolate pie
  • South Carolina: Pecan pie
  • Tennessee: Buttermilk pie
  • Texas: Millionaire pie
  • Virginia: Butterscotch pie
  • Washington, D.C.: Pecan Pie
  • West Virginia: Peanut butter pie

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