Did your favorites make the cut?

By Meghan Overdeep
June 09, 2020
Credit: Chesnot/Getty Images

Disney+ couldn’t have come into our lives at a better time. As families all over the world sheltered in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, demand for movie streaming skyrocketed.  And Disney+ was ready with the comforting programming our quarantined hearts desired.

In May—just six months after its November launch—Disney announced it had 54.5 million Disney+ subscribers. So… what are people watching?

Using Google search data, Parkdean Resorts revealed every country’s favorite movie on the streaming platform. And we must confess that the results, while not totally surprising, are a little modern for our tastes.

With an annual search volume of nearly 2 million, Frozen took the top spot worldwide. (A whopping 1.3 million of those came from the U.S. alone!) Next was Avatar with 1.8 million annual search volume visits, followed by Cars, with a search volume of 589,000, in third place.

Other top performers include Aladdin, A Bug's Life, Cinderella, Mulan, Lion King, High School Musical, and Ratatouille. You can check out the full list broken down by countries here.

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So, no love for Beauty and the Beast? And what about The Little Mermaid? We want justice for Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, and The Jungle Book!

What do you think? Did you family’s favorite flicks make the list?