Is your state all about shortbread or sugar cookies?

Hungry for cookies? Always. But what type of cookies you crave may have something to with what state you reside in — at least according to a recent infographic shared by Instagram revealing the most popular holiday cookies by state on the social media platform. According to, Instagram determined their findings based on the number of likes and mentions of different types of cookies from a combination of Instagram and Instagram Story posts over the past month.

Christmas sugar cookies being iced, overhead view
Credit: Getty Images / Ryan Benyi Photography

So what cookies take the (cookie) cake in each Southern state? You can read the full list below, but first we'd like to call out Kentucky for being the only Southern state to show the most love for oatmeal cookies. Other stand outs were Missouri's and Virginia's love for snickerdoodle cookies, as well as Florida and Tennessee's seeming obsession with shortbread cookies. And though outside of the South, we're surprised to see that Illinois is whipping up a chocolate chip cookie storm right now, as the only state with that claim to cookie fame during the holiday season. Here's the full breakdown for every Southern state:

  • Alabama: Sugar cookies
  • Arkansas: Sugar cookies
  • Delaware: Peanut butter cookies
  • Florida:  Shortbread cookies
  • Georgia:  Gingerbread cookies
  • Kentucky:  Oatmeal cookies
  • Louisiana: Peanut butter cookies
  • Maryland:  Gingerbread cookies
  • Mississippi:  Crinkle cookies
  • Missouri: Snickerdoodle cookies
  • North Carolina: Sugar cookies
  • Oklahoma: Sugar cookies
  • South Carolina: Crinkle cookies
  • Tennessee: Shortbread cookies
  • Texas:  Crinkle cookies
  • Virginia: Snickerdoodle cookies
  • West Virginia:  Peanut butter cookies

All this talk about cookies has us ready to roll up our sleeves and get to baking. These easy Christmas cookie recipes sure are calling our names.

The question is, do we want to stay true to Southern Living's home base of Birmingham, Alabama's results in this infographic and bake up sugar cookies or get our pecan tassies on? Well, you don't have to twist our arms, but we're thinking both is the right answer.