Have you visited these tourist destinations?
Miami Instagram
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Two Southern attractions are some of the "Most Instagrammed Tourist Destinations in the U.S." according to a new study by TravelBird. Disneyland is the most Instagrammed landmark in the U.S. and the entire world, but Orlando's Walt Disney World and Miami's South Beach round out the top three in the United States. Other Southern experiences worthy of an Instagram hashtag come from letting les bon temps roulez during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, having fun in the summer sun at Myrtle Beach, and taking a stroll through Charleston's charming streets.

Since Instagram was unveiled back in 2010, it has slowly become an integral part of vacation for many of us who use our phone's cameras to document our trips. It's just so easy to upload photos to Instagram and share picture of the kids splashing in the waves at Virginia Beach or a selfie while sipping rosé all day in the Florida Keys.

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While TravelBird's list is an interesting look at the habits of Instagrammers who love Disneyland more than the Eiffel Tower, Berlin Wall, Times Square, and the Grand Canyon combined. There's one thing wrong with it—there are not nearly enough Southern destinations, national parks, landmarks, or roadside attractions. The list pulled information from the last few years of Instagram usage, so if we all band together there's no good reason that the World's Largest Squirrel statue in Texas or the World's Largest Brick in Alabama, or High Point NC's World Largest Chest of Drawers can't be on top of the list next year. You've been warned, Disneyland.