The Most Googled Pies Ahead of Pi Day In Every Southern State

Virginia loves their coconut pie...who knew?

Homemade Strawberry Pie
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Pie: It's better in our bellies than in our daydreams, but we'll never turn down the chance to learn more about the popular Southern dish. (Nor will we turn down the chance to bake them. To that point, check out the Lost Pies of the South and Vintage Southern Pie Recipes We Still Love.)

With Pi Day approaching on Saturday, March 14th, Google decided to dive into their numbers to determine the most uniquely searched pies in every state over the last year. Below, here's what they found for every Southern state. Worth noting: "Uniquely searched" refers to when a state searches for something more than all the rest of the U.S. states do. P.S. You might want to go ahead and stop reading this article now if you're feeling hungry.

  • Alabama: Sweet potato pie
  • Arkansas: Buttermilk pie
  • Delaware: Tomato pie
  • Florida: Sour orange pie
  • Georgia: Sweet potato pie
  • Kentucky: Peanut butter pie
  • Louisiana: Sweet potato pie
  • Maryland: Crab pie
  • Mississippi: Sweet potato pie
  • Missouri: Blackberry pie
  • North Carolina: Sweet potato pie
  • Oklahoma: Buttermilk pie
  • South Carolina: Sweet potato pie
  • Tennessee: Buttermilk pie
  • Texas: Buttermilk pie
  • Virginia: Coconut pie
  • Washington, D.C.: Apple crumble pie
  • West Virginia: Peanut butter pie

Clearly, us Southerners love our sweet potato and buttermilk pies, and we're not shocked on that front. Ditto for Maryland and their adoration of the crab pie. But there were also some surprises in the mix. Virginia and their coconut pies, for example. Check out the full country's Pi Day infographic from Google below.

Pie Day Google

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Are you going to bake some pies in honor of Pi Day? Do you love the most-Googled pies in your home state or think something else should have taken the cake, ahem, pie? Are you surprised by the results?

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