The Most Googled Flowers in Every Southern State

Peonies in VA, hibiscus in FL, and gladiolus in KY, and....what tops the charts for your state?

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your space and brighten your mood? Fresh flowers. There's no denying that as of late we've been turning to the little things in life as sources of comfort and joy, and Breck's—an importer of Dutch flower bulbs, perennials, houseplants, and more—is one of our favorite places to order beautiful blooms online and get our floral fix.

Now, they've shared a blog post revealing the most popular flowers in America by state that's piqued the interest of our green thumbs and vase-loving souls. For their deep dive into the topic, the Indiana and Netherlands-based company analyzed Google Trends search volume data over a 90-day period (March through May of this year) and over the past year.

Breck's Hibiscus

Additionally, making use of the USDA's Census of Horticultural Specialties, Breck's determined the best-selling flowers in the U.S., as well as which states sold the most of each best-selling flower. They also conducted further analyses into floral sales revenue by category (bedding and garden annual flowers, potted flowering plants, and cut flowers in bunches and stems) and where in the country the most-searched flower overlaps with the best-selling flower.

Breck's Peony

As far as the most searched flowers by state in the U.S., the winners over the past year were sunflowers (nine states), hyacinth (seven states), camellias (four states), tiger lilies (three states), and cyclamen (three states). We're zoomed in on the findings in the South, and we have to say, the results are fascinating. Scroll down to see the most searched for flowers in every Southern state based on recent Google Trends search volume data.

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  • Alabama: Camellia
  • Arkansas: Gladiolus
  • D.C.: Cyclamen
  • Delaware: Cyclamen
  • Florida: Hibiscus
  • Georgia: Gardenia
  • Kentucky: Gladiolus
  • Maryland: Hyacinth
  • Mississippi: Gardenia
  • Missouri: Peony
  • North Carolina: Lily
  • Oklahoma: Iris
  • South Carolina: Camellia
  • Tennessee: Buttercup
  • Texas: Gardenia
  • Virginia: Peony
  • West Virginia: Sunflower

Is your home state or place of residence what you'd expect? What flowers are you loving the most right now?

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